Iberia Agencia de Maderas, S.L. (I.A.M) is an international agency of wood and their related products, whose team has been supplying to importers and wholesalers throughout Spain since 1970.

As one of the most well known agencies in the market, we offer a personalised service to our clients, adapting to their needs.

Our service consists in giving you a wide variety of information before placing orders, prospecting suppliers to obtain as much products and prices on the market, the negotiating of the final contract in order to both preserve the interests of those involved, and also to maintain the control and the progress of the order until it reaches the clients warehouse.

At the same time, we offer a postsales service equally personalised with the aim of assuring that the conditions specified in the contract are satisfactorily kept to.

We supply logs, lumbers, boards, veneers and flooring from America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

We have a very throughout knowledge of the market
and we are very well known
in the same.